Building Permit Application

We are excited to announce you can now complete your building permit using the IWORQ online portal. You can now perform the following on this portal:

  • Complete a building/sign permit (Click HERE to view our code for sign permits)
  • Register as a contractor
  • Upload documents

You can still print the application and email/mail/drop off at our office. 

The attached PDF is available to download. Use the computer to fill in the requested information, save, print, and submit to the Village. There may be additional requirements to successfully apply. Please follow the directions on the form. Once the PDF is downloaded to your computer, fill it out, save it, then email it to:


To view our permit fee schedule please click HERE.

To view codes for:

Commercial, Industrial and all permits other than detached single family residential, multiple single-family dwellings

Detached single-family residential, multiple single-family dwellings