Public Works Department

Jody Kovel
Superintendent of Public Works 

Ken Tucker
Deputy Superintendent of Public Works

Matt Struve
Building Commissioner

Public Works Employee

Paul Gray
Public Works Employee

Bob Kamm
Public Works Employee

Andrew Salerno
Building Commissioner

Robert V. Millsap
Water Operator

Thomas Millsap
Public Works Employee

Sam Herold
Water Operator in training

Matthew Rush
Public Works Employee


Our Public Works Department asks you to remember:
Grass clippings and leaves must be put in a Biodegradable paper bag. Any small particles, such as gravel, dirt, rocks, broken wood, glass, etc. also need to be put into Biodegradable paper bags and must not weigh over 40 pounds when loaded.

 Please do not put other garbage into the bags.

Cloth items including furniture must be wrapped in plastic.

The public works department does NOT pick up:
Car parts, truck parts, old tires, oil of any kind or paint cans. 

If you have questions regarding our current projects, please call the Village Hall at (708) 579-6700

If you would like to use the Village Truck call the Village Hall at 708-570-6700 to make arrangements to have a truck delivered.

If you are planning larger clean-ups or home repairs you should order a dumpster.