Preserving the Past for Future Generations

The Hodgkins Historical Museum at 6511 Kane Avenue.

The building was built in 1940 and served as the Village Hall and Fire Station.

The museum can be opened upon request. Groups are welcome. Because our museum is run by volunteers the hours of operation are not on a scheduled basis. If you see the sign pictured to the right in front of the building, please stop in for a visit. We hope to have scheduled hours of operation at a later date.

Please contact (708) 579-6700 for more information.

Purpose Statement

The Village of Hodgkins Historical Society preserves the way of life and progress of the Village from its’ beginning to the present day. Respecting the families, entities, and artifacts that represent the history of the Village of Hodgkins is the priority. Displaying the history of the Village of Hodgkins for the community to view in a safe organized way will be done to the best of our abilities.

Among the Artifacts Are:

 Business & Family records dating back to the 1900’s
 Village Areal Maps
 Old photos of homes, school, families, and businesses
 School Class Photos dating back to 1925
 Period Clothing
 19th-century household implements
 Military Honor Display
 Village Government
 Fire Department
 Police Department

Wanted Items

If you have these, or other artifacts you think the Society might be interested in, please call (708) 579-6700

Kitchen gadgets
Period Clothing and Hats
Residents of the Village of Hodgkins Military Photos
(Photo can be scanned and returned)
Vintage Christmas decorations
Photo of resident homes past & present