Village Officials

Paul Struve

Paul Struve
Village Trustee
1985 — to present

Paul and his wife, Denise, have two sons, Matt and Dan. Paul has resided in Hodgkins his entire life. He attended Hodgkins Elementary School, Gurrie Jr., Graduated form Lyons Township High School, attended Greer Technical Institute and Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois.

Paul has served as Village Trustee since 1985 and has also served on the Civil Service, 911 Network, Finance, Police Committees and the Zoning Board of Appeals. He is committed to promoting an alliance between the business owners and the Village and is also concerned with trying to keep waste out of government while continuing to provide quality services to the entire community.

In 1887, the Santa Fe Railroad ran through town for the first time on its route from Chicago to Kansas City. A two room depot with an outhouse was constructed. Until then the settlement had been known as Polk. But the railroad named the town Novak, after the last man they bought the property from. Thus, the Village of Hodgkins was known as Polk, Novak, Gary, and Storey. However, it was incorporated only as Hodgkins.