New Ordinances for 2020

An ordinance to provide, make and appropriate for general corporate and other special purposes for the year beginning January 1, 2020, and ending December 31, 2020
An ordinance changing the Zoning Classification on 10000 W. 75th Street from light manufacturing to commercial
An ordinance authorizing the operation of one additional video gaming machine in accordance with state law
An ordinance increasing the water rates to Hodgkins customers
An ordinance authorizing a special use for purposes of an adult-use cannabis craft grower establishment at 6119 East Avenue, Hodgkins
An ordinance amending Title 10, Chapter 1 (Purposes and Definitions), Chapter 5 (Commercial C Zone) and Chapter 6A (Light Manufacturing Zone) of the Hodgkins Municipal Code pertaining to adult-use cannabis
A redevelopment agreement by and between the City of Countryside, the Village of Hodgkins and Hoffmann New Horizons Corp.
An intergovernmental agreement between the Village of Hodgkins and the City of Countryside to share certain tax revenues generated from the development of real property located on their shared boundary
An ordinance requiring the installation of fire sprinkling systems in all residential buildings being constructed on land sold by the Village of Hodgkins pursuant to the beautification project
An ordinance providing for an incentive payment to Aldi Grocery Store located in the Quarry Shopping Center
An ordinance amending the Village of Hodgkins Employee Handbook
An ordinance authorizing the sale of property acquired pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement between the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the Village of Hodgkins
An ordinance approving recommendations from Hodgkins Zoning Board of Appeals that will provide variances from existing code requirements
For the levy and assessment of taxes